Scent Profiles

Here is a list of all of our scent profiles in our products, including products that were limited edition.

Tobacco Cherry- tobacco, vanilla, cherry, leather

Winter Bourbon- white birch, pine, bourbon, oud

Mahogany Oud- Mahogany, oud, leather

Guacho Suede- leather, jasmine, sandalwood amber, patchouli, cardamon, moss

Leather Bound- leather, tobacco vanilla, redwoods, cypress

Cedar Leather- cedar, spices, leather

Rich Oud- mahogany, leather, coconut, sandalwood, amber, musk

Amber leather-vetiver, leather, bergamot, sandalwood amber, patchouli, jasmine

Redwood leather- redwoods, cypress, leather, oud

Vetiver- cedarwood, leather, vetiver

Cedar orange- cedar, spice, mandarin

Havana nights- vanilla, cuban tobacco, black pepper

Smoked apple bourbon- Bourbon, tobacco, apple, smoke, oud

Moss Fire- Moss, smoke, oud, mandarin, bergamot, dark woods