What is beard balm? Whats the difference between beard balm and oil?

Beard balm conditions as well as styles your beard. it gives you a medium hold to your beard and tames frizz. Conditioning your beard helps your beard to grow long and strong. Beard oil is highly absorbed and is used more for conditioning. It is best to use beard oil before beard balm if you have more needs for conditioning.

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Kenny from Plymouth Mass

This beard balm made me so obsessed I went from having a beard that smelled like my lunch to one that smells like woods and leather!

Joe from Mass

People tell me all the time at my gym that they can smell me. I thought they meant that I stink, but they mean that they can smell my beard balm. Lots of compliments from women at the gym.

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What makes our products different?

We use only but the best blends of carrier oils, essential oils and fragrance oils in our products. We use shea butter as a base in our beard balm products for moisturization. For our oils we use a blend of ostrich oil, hazelnut oil , and vitamin e oil. Ostrich oil is one of the most highly absorbable oils available for your hair. This means that your hair follicles will absorb the oil instead of the oil sitting on the outside of your follicles and feeling heavy and greasy. Our scents are very unique and will last you the whole day you are wearing it. We make very niche scent profiles for the power beard enthusiast and the connosieurs of beard scents.