How To Use Our Products

Don’t let the idea of grooming and taking care of your beard appear daunting. It’s really quite simple. 

For our beard balm, scrape your thumb along the top of the balm to pick up 1/8-1/4 tsp of product (depending on your beard length and thickness) and then rub the product between your fingers to warm up and emulsify the product. Using both hands run your fingers and the product through your beard like a comb an apply and work the product into your beard. Please try one of our seamless combs which are made to help to disperse the product through your beard and detangle your beard without breaking off your beard (or the comb!) in the process . And that’s it ! Enjoy long lasting style, conditioning, and scent throughout the day for 4-8 hours depending on the scent . 

For our beard oils, depending on the length and thickness of your beard take a dropper from the oil and deposit several drops to a half teaspoon of beard oil in your palm and rub the palms of your hands together to disperse the product in your hands. Apply to a clean washed beard and work the oil into the beard. Feel free to use one of our seamless combs to detangle your beard. Some men prefer to use the oil as a leave in conditioner at night and apply balm for styling in the AM. Other men use oil right before balm , and others use one or the other. You may have to find what works for you and the needs of your beard . If you have a thick beard you may need both oil and balm. If you have a lighter beard you will do fine with one or the other . Beard Balm is for conditioning but most attractive for the style and hold given to the beard throughout the day. 

The scents that our products provide are truly unique and unlike other products on the market. We stand by our claim of making luxury beard products using scents that will last most of the day. For men who smoke or get any food residue in their beard, keeping their beard smelling great is huge . Beards are in style right now but you want your beard to be smelling fresh and looking it’s best while you are rocking it. So we will have you covered with many different scents to choose from. Stay tuned for new releases of scents as we build our following.