How long will it take to ship to me?

5-7 business days for ground shipping. 2-3 days for priority mail. there may be delays due to weather, holidays etc.

How do I apply beard balm?

Scrape some of the beard balm out with your fingernail. About the size of a penny. Rub the balm between your hands to emulsify it and then run your fingers through your beard to distribute it and style your beard.

How do I apply beard oil?

put a nickel to quarter size of beard oil in your balm and apply to beard after its washed and damp. distribute it evenly into your beard.

Is brushing my beard bad?

No actually, brushing your beard helps to stimulate follicles to grow your beard more. the brush or comb helps to distribute the oils in your beard further down your beard , which is good because the longer beard you have you will need to pay extra attention to conditioning the ends of your beard.

If I dont like the product, can I get a refund? 

As long as the product isnt heavily used, that is fine. If you would like you can also exchange the product for something else.

Will I have to pay for shipping if i want to return the product?

This is a case by case situation. But generally, unless there was a mistake that we made you will be responsible for shipping costs.