About Us

Growing up I always had a love for fragrance. I would collect fragrances on my dresser, and save up for the niche or expensive fragrance I wanted. It was a joke among my friends, that I could sniff out what fragrance a person was wearing on the spot. Fragrances evoke memories, whether good or bad and can be very nostalgic at times. I used to go to the well known bath and body store LUSH, and was enthralled with all of their different scents.

Lush uses a combination of essential oils and synthetic ingredients in their scent profiles, and their fragrances are LOUD. I loved a few of their soaps. I also love visiting Saks Fifth Avenue on a weekend and becoming inspired by the many new fragrances using OUD in their blends. I love oud! I also love the old school barber shop scents. Acqua di Parma is a masterpiece and is timeless in my opinion.

Anyways, one day I decided that I would try making a beard balm using a blend of fragrances for a loved one. I was not very impressed at the beard balms and oils that were on the market today. Their fragrances were weak, their scent profiles were boring and lacking complexity. This person told me that I should try making a line because they loved the fragrance so much. I started off by attending local markets and eventually set up this site where I could reach many different people. I am still tinkering with formulas and want to combine quality fragrances with carrier oils that nourish and soften beards. I hope that you will love these beard products, and if you aren't absolutely pleased please let us know. I am always looking for feedback on how to improve and to see what everyone wants.