There are many products to wash your beard with, Liquid shampoo, beard wash, bar soap, sulfate free shampoo. what is best? This depends on your beard and needs . If you have a smaller beard , the oils from your face are more easily going to saturate your beard then a guy with a long beard. This type of guy may only need to wash his beard and conditioning and beard oil is optional. if you are a guy with a very coarse beard, some experimentation may need to take place. if you use lots of beard products then you will have a thick layer of them on your beard that needs to be removed, without stripping your beard . I would advise in this case to use a sulphate free beard shampoo with moisturizing ingredients 3 times a week minimum. When you arent washing your beard, let the water run through your beard in the shower and rinse any food and debris off of your beard. then pat dry. Once a week i would use a bar soap or a liquid sulfate shampoo or beard wash and do a deep clean of the beard.